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Trusted Across Kentucky And The Surrounding States In Black Lung Litigation


Coal miners and workers who have been affected by black lung (also known as pneumoconiosis or miner’s disease) or other restrictive lung diseases may be entitled to compensation through a special workers’ compensation program under the federal government.

At Yonts, Sherman & Driskill, PSC, we have helped many people affected by this illness in Western Kentucky and the surrounding regions find recovery through the Federal Black Lung Program — and we’d like to help you as well. We are known for our reliable representation for black lung victims, and are familiar with the legal systems and processes required to get you your compensation.

A Thorough Understanding Of The Legal Process

Filing a claim through the Federal Black Lung Program can be very complicated. In addition to following the legal process, there are a lot of conditions you must meet to receive payment.

You must show that you have black lung, and that the disease was caused by your occupation. Due to the federal regulation surrounding this process and the medical evaluations required, it may take longer than you expect to finish. Our law firm works with you through every step of the process to ensure we don’t miss a step, so you can get the care and compensation you need when you need it most. We also represent our clients through any related litigation, fighting for the fair compensation and high quality care you deserve.

We Can Determine What Compensation You Are Entitled To

When you consult with our attorneys, we help you understand your case and the recovery you may be entitled to. With over 50 years of combined experience in personal injury, our law firm can provide accurate assessments of your case, and help you evaluate the best path forward to meet your goals. We are trusted in Greenville and throughout the state for our accurate and trusted counsel in personal injuries, and can tell you what payment you may be entitled to under the law.

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